MLP Profits
MLP Profits: Your Guide to the Fastest,
Safest, Most Tax-Advantaged Path to Wealth
Master Limited Partnerships offer many substantial benefits as an asset class. The MLP Profits advisory service will help you maximize them.
Tremendous Tax Benefits: MLPs allow investors to defer much of their personal income tax liability for years or, in many cases, indefinitely. While the dividends you receive from investments in stocks and mutual funds are taxed up to 15%, MLPs are immune to federal income taxes AND their distributions are exempt as well.* MLPs are also not subject to America’s 39.25% corporate tax rate. The MLP Profits advisory’s MLP Guide provides detailed information on all the tax implications... plus, you’ll be able to contact our editors with any questions you may have.

Capital Gains: Corporations typically opt for the MLP structure to avoid taxes. For shareholders, there is no partnership equivalent of corporate income tax—MLP partners are taxed only when they receive distributions. Capital gains are deferred until a partner decides to sell, but even then the tax rate is lower than normal income tax rates. Between the healthy yields and the deferred gains, MLPs can provide investors with significant total returns. Seven selections in the MLP Profits portfolios currently sport 100%+ total returns (since recommendation), and another was recently sold at well over 250%. You won’t find another online service devoted to MLPs that comes even close when it comes to steering you to returns like this.

High Yields: Many MLPs offer attractive yields, but MLP Profits guides you to some of the highest yielders in the entire asset class—with the majority of our recommendations falling in the 6%-9% range.

Safety and Stability: Businesses operated as MLPs are generally very stable—with locked-in

YES! I want instant access to the complete MLP portfolio and a free subscription to the premium edition of MLP Investing Insider. Start my free 30-day trial to MLP Profits now. My email address is below.

contracts and customer bases—and produce consistent profits year after year, making their earnings and cash distributions much more predictable than the broader market. Because of this, you aren’t compelled to follow the big market indexes. From their earnings, Master Limited Partnerships pay out generous quarterly distributions to their partners—in other words, you—no matter what is happening in the economy as a whole. Why suffer anxiety over every little dip and uptick in the market? With MLPs, you don’t have to.

Ease-of-Purchase: You can buy MLPs as easily as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Shares or units trade on all the major exchanges you have access to, whether you prefer to use a broker or purchase them online yourself.

Diversification: Most stock sectors move in lockstep with the broader market. Not MLPs. Adding MLPs to your portfolio cuts risk while increasing total returns.

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Our goal is nothing less than to bring you the highest, safest combination of yield and capital gains from an investment that is becoming more important to income investors every day.

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YES! I want instant access to the complete MLP portfolio and a free subscription to the premium edition of MLP Investing Insider. Start my free 30-day trial to MLP Profits now. My email address is below.

*Your distributions are taxed only if/when you sell—but with huge yields and juicy dividends, most investors hold onto their MLPs—enjoying tax-free advantages potentially forever.