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In 1923, Aristotle Onassis left Greece with $60 in his pocket. After washing dishes in Buenos Aires, Onassis began operating a decrepit tramp freighter and went on to build a $500 million fortune.

The next Onassis just happens to be a Greek Goddess. And her Master Limited Partnership is going to start sending you big distribution checks in the mail. Just like clockwork. Every single quarter.

Short of having a money-printing press down in your basement, investing in publicly traded MLPs is the fastest, safest, tax-free way to grow your money!
Aristotle Onassis was born in either 1900 (passport documentation) or 1906 (his claim) in the Turkish city of Smyrna (now Izmir). In 1922 Turkish troops rounded up the local Greek males and lynched one of his uncles right in front of him. Onassis fled from Smyrna with his family, going to Greece.

At age 17, the Golden Greek set out on his own, traveling by steerage to Argentina with less than $60 in his pocket. A displaced immigrant on a strange continent with no education, Onassis took a job washing dishes in a Buenos Aires restaurant for 25 cents an hour.

A creative and agile entrepreneur, Onassis recognized that Argentine women in the restaurant preferred a type of sweet Turkish tobacco that was not widely available in South America.

He assembled the capital necessary and organized an old factory to market several brands of Turkish cigarettes. This small but successful deal was the basis for his later international business prominence.

Aristotle Onassis was like Midas, the legendary king of Phrygia. Everything he touched turned to gold.

Onassis later recognized that World War II was imminent. The movement of supplies was going to become crucial to the Allies winning the war. Shipping was going to be a highly profitable business.

Onassis began buying up old merchant ships at rock-bottom prices. He later found a small fleet of well-used but sturdy freighters on the St. Lawrence Waterway and purchased the motley flotilla.

“Ari’s business,” a nickname that originated in the United States and lasted for years, soon prospered. When the Second World War broke out, his aging vessels were rented to the Naval Commission of the United States, which yielded him $250,000 a year.

Onassis ultimately amassed a fortune estimated at more than $500 million. He was like Midas, legendary king of Phrygia, who requested of the gods that everything he touched be turned to gold.

His holdings included hotels, banks and real estate in addition to his fleet of tankers and freighters. He owned Olympic Airways, the Greek national airline; homes in Athens, Monte Carlo, Montevideo and Paris; and a floating palace called the Christina.

With Onassis’ death in 1975, the world lost one of its most extraordinary entrepreneurs. All that remains is the memory of a vital, tough, self-made shipping magnate who believed in working 20 hours a day.

Today there is a new shipping magnate riding the high seas, created in the same likeness and image of Onassis in terms of work ethic and having the Midas touch.

At Posidonia this summer, there were whispers on the decks of luxury yachts. Whispers about a Greek Goddess building a global shipping empire!

The largest event on a sea captain’s calendar is Posidonia. It’s the international shipping exhibition held every other year. The leaders of the global maritime shipping industry meet for five days of serious business.

The old warriors talked in hushed tones about a new Golden Greek who many are calling the next Onassis.

After the Posidonia Cup, the famed sailing race and spectacular celebration of Mediterranean yachting culture, a Greek Goddess ended up stealing the show!

This beautiful, brilliant superwoman is building what many believe will ultimately be the greatest shipping company in the history of the world.

The scion of a famous Greek shipping family could see that times were changing. So in 2004, she left her family’s shipping business, set up her own company, raised three-quarters of a billion dollars from banks and investors, and went on a shopping spree for a big fleet of ocean-going cargo ships.

She acquired one of the oldest and most venerable names in shipping business. This future 40-bagger has existed since the 1950s, when it was the ocean-going shipping arm of U.S. Steel.

The company is a bulk shipper based out of Greece, running shipments all over the globe. It services the European, Asian and North and South American coasts.

The goal of this headstrong Greek Goddess is to transform what was once a family-run cowboy culture into a modern, professional and corporate way of doing business.

Her primary objective is to be a major growth player in the wave of consolidation that is reshaping the $380 billion global shipping industry.

Already, her company is fast becoming one of the leading global brands in seaborne shipping, specializing in the worldwide carriage, trading, storage and related logistics of international bulk cargoes.

Raw materials producers, agricultural traders and exporters, industrial end users, ship owners, charterers, ship and derivative brokers, agents and financial business partners all rely on its expertise and innovation.

The company has a fleet of young and diversified vessels. It boasts an average time of just a bit over 5 years on the open water, minimizing maintenance costs and dock time for repairs.

With long-term contracts locked in at certain rates, consistent earnings can be expected. The company also has the advantage of booking short-term contracts to ultimately capitalize on real-time fluctuations in bulk shipping rates.

For American investors, the BIG story here is how the company is organized...

This Greek Goddess has structured her shipping company as a publicly traded Master Limited Partnership on the NYSE.

Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are unique investments that combine the tax benefits of a limited partnership with the liquidity of common stock. An MLP has a partnership structure but issues investment units that trade on an exchange like common stock.

The modern structure of MLPs was clearly defined by the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and the Revenue Act of 1987. These bills outlined how companies could structure their operations to realize certain tax benefits and defined which companies are eligible.

The shipping business is well suited for Master Limited Partnerships. Operating a tanker or dry-bulk ship with a term contract is much like running a pipeline—the operator faces a large up-front capital outlay to build the ship, but what follows is years of steady, guaranteed cash flows.

Better still, tanker ships offer a steady stream of depreciation charges that can be passed through to MLP unit-holders. That means regularly scheduled returns of hefty capital payments and lower taxes.

The Greek Goddess’ shipping company currently pays unit-holders enormous distributions each and every quarter. These big checks arrive in the mail like clockwork. Every single quarter! Not only that, but it has provided investors with a 125.2% total return since I added it to my portfolio two years ago.

For income investors, this is a dream come true!

And while I'm talking about dreams coming true, let me tell you a little secret about MLPs and federal taxes...

Tax collectors Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are lying in wait to pickpocket your 2012 capital gains. But you’re going to have the last laugh!

Tax? What tax?

While this Greek Goddess’ shipping company is technically an MLP, it has elected to be taxed as a C-corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes.

But it has no assets or revenues in the U.S.; therefore, it’s not subject to U.S. corporate income taxes. That means its C-corp tax election has no real impact on its tax liability.

The real advantage here is that this particular MLP doesn’t report distributions on a Schedule K-1, unlike most other partnerships. Instead, the company reports on a standard Form 1099, just like any other company taxed as a corporation.

In addition, this MLP doesn’t generate unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) and is therefore suitable for an IRA or 401(k) account. And this is critically important for investors.

According to a report by Wachovia Securities titled Master Limited Partnerships: A Primer, the taxable income passed on to investors often is only 10-20% of the cash distribution, while the other 80–90% is deemed a return of capital and subtracted from the original cost basis of the initial investment.

Best of all, your big distribution checks from this Master Limited Partnership are essentially GUARANTEED by the European Union!

This maritime shipping Master Limited Partnership gets up to $200,000 a day for each of its vessels under iron-clad, long-term contracts at fixed rates. Its fleet has no near-term contract expirations or spot market exposure.

And it boasts a roster of blue-chip clients including a global agriculture giant, a mining behemoth and an import/export broker for about every product on planet Earth.

Even better, these charter contracts are insured with a EU governmental body, eliminating substantially any risk of a default that would leave the partnership scrambling for a new contract.

Its costs and maintenance expenses are also covered. The partnership’s GP has a multi-year deal to perform maintenance work on the MLP’s behalf.

If you invest in this maritime shipper now, you’ll end up pocketing enormous profits as the stock doubles. And then doubles again!

If receiving fat, five-figure distribution checks in your mailbox every quarter were not enough, you also stand to make life-changing money when the price of this stock goes through the roof.

Because this maritime shipper was incorrectly lumped into the Greek stock selloff, its share price is ridiculously low. In fact, the stock is actually selling below book value.

This is one of the few investments in the world today that would pass Benjamin Graham’s Value Investing test with flying colors! All the indicators are screaming BUY!

Old seamen sit in the sun down at the Piraeus waterfront near Athens and speculate how many times this stock will double or triple in the next few years.

The future is dazzling. Shipping is experiencing dramatic growth. Maritime transport is crucial to global trade in all sorts of basic commodities and finished goods.

With yields averaging over 10%, there’s no better investment today than Master Limited Partnerships.

For the millions of retirees who once lived off income investments, and now find it impossible, select MLPs have come to the rescue.

Just think about it...

You can easily pocket $1,000 a year for every $10k you put into these cash cows!

Master Limited Partnerships are an income investor’s dream. An asset that gives you yields that are averaging 10% across the whole sector, and that has returned 14.5% a year over a stunning ten years running.

In fact, one MLP has returned an average yield of 32.89% per year since I recommended it nine years ago. Another has returned 29.6% per year average in each of the five years since I recommended it.

And you can stagger your MLP distribution payments to come in monthly—so it’s convenient to pay monthly bills. As an added bonus, your personal taxes are so low that you’ll think the IRS has gone soft in the head.

Rising Distributions Even in the Toughest Markets

MLPs are so strong, so able to withstand economic turmoil, in fact, that 39 of the 50 MLPs in the Alerian index have raised distributions in the last year.

That’s the kind of strength you want in an investment.

Over the past 10 years, MLPs have crushed the S&P 500 by 291% to negative 29%. That’s 14.5% versus negative 3.4% on an annualized basis!

If you’ve never heard of Master Limited Partnerships, it’s time to sit up and take notice... because not only are they throwing off huge yields, but these yields are growing rapidly.

And Huge Yields Aren’t the Whole Story

When you buy an MLP throwing off a 10% to 15% distribution, that’s just the start of the fun. Plenty of MLPs have also grown their businesses impressively, creating huge capital gains.

Let’s say you put $25,000 in Enterprise Products Partners at the start of 1999. By now, you’d be collecting $7,000 (and growing) in annual distributions on top of more than $124,700 of capital gains.

Your total return, without even reinvesting your distributions and living off the income: 444%, or 19.6% annually!

A well-run MLP can rival the growth pattern of a high-flying tech stock...

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, for example, was worth barely $130 million at its birth 15 years ago, and now has a market cap of $23.5 billion. When you consider this pipeline operator has returned 90% of its earnings to unit-holders along the way, that’s staggering growth.

Since its inception, Kinder Morgan has increased its quarterly distribution 11 years in a row—and 41 times since 1997. It currently sports a 6.7% yield on top of the distributions.

For more than two decades I’ve scoured the earth to bring investors the best income investments available. Investors who recognize opportunity and invest in Master Limited Partnerships will earn millions of dollars.

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