With yields that average over 9%... and booked capital gains of 87%, 111%, even 113%... and roaring higher every day... there’s no better investment today.

There are still bargains to be found... but not for long. Read on to discover this exciting but little-known asset class... including the four top stocks to buy today...

Dear Investor,

It's an income investor's dream. An asset that gives you yields that are averaging 9.3% across the whole sector, and that has returned 14.5% a year over a stunning ten years running.

It's one of the best-performing sectors today, with newly-climbing capital gains that are screaming for you to get on board and enjoy the double-digit ride.

Yet its niche is so tiny, unpublicized and downright odd that only a few in 100 investors have put a single cent in it.

If you've never heard of Master Limited Partnerships, it's time to listen up... because not only are they throwing off huge gains, but these gains are accelerating.

And unlike so many top-heavy corporations that pay their executives millions while the stock price goes nowhere, MLPs pay their profits directly to you. They have to, by law. Only they pay much bigger dividends, because they pay no tax.

Create Your Own Personal Recovery Plan

For the millions of retirees who once lived off income investments, and now find it impossible, these hand-selected MLPs have come to the rescue. Just think about it. You can easily pocket $10,000 a year for every $100k you put into these cash cows.

In fact, one MLP has returned an average of 32.89% per year since I recommended it nine years ago. Another has returned 29.6% per year average in each of the five years since I recommended it. Others are racking up gains of 21.7%, 55.6%, even 85%!

And right now one of my favorites yields a nice 10.3%, and 90% of your income is tax-free. Try to find a muni bond as generous as that!

You can stagger your payments to come in monthly—so it's convenient to pay monthly bills. As an added bonus, your personal taxes are so low that you'll think the IRS has gone soft in the head.

Plus thanks to depreciation, 80% to 90% of the distribution you get from a typical MLP is tax-free until you sell. (In fact, some MLPs let you pocket high yields for 10 years or more before you pay a single penny of tax.)

One of the MLPs you'll learn about in this report has paid its shareholders a whopping $51,667 for every $25,000 invested, over just 10 years.

The Nation's Leading Income Investing Authority

Roger Conrad, Editor of Utility Forecaster, Canadian Edge and MLP Profits

And because of some fantastic buying conditions, you can find a couple dozen MLPs today with that same money-machine potential.

So if you'd like to find stocks that will pay you more—and more steadily—than just about any other investment ever created, read on. I'll show you how to retire to Easy Street on the market's best investment, Master Limited Partnerships.

Highest Yields on the
Market and Obama-
Approved Tax Advantages

MLPs in their current form originated with the Revenue Act of 1987 as a tax-advantaged way to encourage energy exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then it's only gotten better.

To encourage investment in renewable fuels, the previous Democratic Congress opened tax-advantaged-status alternative energy MLPs, giving you a high income way to profit from that growing sector.

And to the delight of income investors everywhere, there are presently no proposals on the table to change the taxation of MLPs.

Today MLPs are extraordinarily cheap, with even the most secure and reliable dividend growers yielding in the neighborhood of 9 percent. Plus the sector has been stress tested, proving their ability to grow—even when the economy shrank at a 5.7 percent rate in the first quarter of 2009 and by more than 6 percent in the fourth quarter of a miserable 2008.

Those are pretty tough conditions under which to prove worth, to say the least!

The Number One Way for Income Investors to Profit from Rising Energy Costs

The ultra-profitable world of MLPs includes “midstream” energy assets—the pipelines, storage tanks, terminals and ships that move energy from producer to user.

Since they profit from the constant flow of energy, midstream MLPs let you milk a steady stream of profits no matter what energy prices do. I don't know if oil will be $50 a barrel or $200 a barrel a year from now. I can't tell you how much coal or natural gas will be selling for either. But I can almost certainly guarantee you that we'll be using more of all three.

MLP Performance vs. S&P 500

These midstream MLPs are a pure play on the growing demand for energy. Unless people stop having babies on our increasingly crowded planet, energy MLPs will provide a growing income stream for years to come.

What's more, this tax-free business model is so irresistible that it's now attracting players in a variety of qualifying industries, including real estate, fertilizer, orchards, timber, even cemeteries! The best of these companies are sidestepping the IRS and passing their hefty and rising earnings straight to the investor. And “hefty” is a classic understatement for many of these outfits...

Terra Nitrogen, an Iowa-based seed and fertilizer outfit, has shot up an astounding $18 to every $1 invested in just the past five years.

Investors in New England Realty Partners have racked up a gain of 743% in the past 10 years. This tiny ($6 million market cap) regional landlord has a remarkably consistent track record of steadily rising cash distributions.

Rising Distributions Even in the Toughest Markets

MLPs are so strong, so able to withstand economic turmoil, in fact, that 39 of the 50 MLPs in the Alerian index have raised distributions in the last year.

That's the kind of strength you want in an investment. Like Kinder Morgan, a company that owns and operates refined petroleum products pipelines, natural gas lines, crude oil terminals and gas processing facilities.

Kinder Morgan has never cut distributions, and despite the credit crisis the country has been through, there's no reason to think that smooth ride will falter.

Enterprise Products Partners is another Hercules of a company. It's one of the largest and oldest MLPs in the U.S., generating top natural gas pipeline profits for investors year after year. It has raised its payout for 19 consecutive quarters at an average of an impressive 7.3% per increase. Not to mention capital gains that are so far more than four times higher than the S&P this year!

With so many massive gains emanating from a single asset class—and a small one at that—it should be obvious why I started MLP Profits. Statistically speaking, this tiny investment niche has had 10 times its share of success stories.

When you turn $10,000 into $400,000 in five years, as Terra Nitrogen investors did, you're talking about the sort of money that can permanently upgrade your lifestyle—without having to wait a lifetime to get it.

And as strong as Kinder Morgan, Enterprise Products Partners, Terra Nitrogen and New England Realty Partners are, there's a new crop of MLPs rising to join those money machines.

The Race Isn't Even Close

Combine a cash-heavy operation with generous tax benefits and you have a formidable business model.

Over the past 10 years, MLPs have crushed the S&P 500 by 291% to negative 29%. That's 14.5% versus negative 3.4% on an annualized basis.

(MLPs also beat the S&P Energy Index by nearly 170 percentage points. So there's something going on here more than just a bull market in energy assets.)

When you see returns like that you might think you've missed out... and that it's too late to profit. You'd be wrong for three reasons:

1) Despite their impressive run-up, Master Limited Partnerships are still cheap compared to alternative yield plays like utilities, REITs and bonds.

2) The big-picture forces driving MLP growth haven't changed.

3) Investment in new energy infrastructure is growing faster than ever.

The fundamental underpinnings that have propelled years of out-performance remain solidly in place. This asset class is still in its infancy... or adolescence at most.

Catch the Growth of MLPs Now!

The only reason these juggernauts don't get more publicity is because they're not institutional products. They're designed for the little guy, not the big boys. With their low level of institutional ownership, Wall Street's hordes of salesmen have little reason to pay attention. And almost zero Wall Street research is done on them, for the very same reason.

Part of Every Income Investor's Portfolio

For more than two decades I've scoured the earth to bring investors the best income investments available. Utilities and Canadian trusts are two of the very best, and subscribers to my investment newsletters have made millions of dollars with those rich income streams.

But as good as those sectors are, no income investor should overlook MLPs. And especially today, because yields are as high as I've ever seen, and capital gains are beginning to soar because the sector got beaten down in the great selloff of 2008–2009.

In fact, today the sector is becoming so important that the time has come to devote an entire investment newsletter just to MLPs. The sector is so rich and so deep that it deserves in-depth analysis and recommendation updates.

Which is why I launched MLP Profits, to bring you all the new power of these income-generating locomotives. 

I'm introducing thousands of investors to these high-yielding hard-asset plays for the first time, and I'd like to invite you to join me in some of the highest income and capital gains you'll ever see.

Huge Yields Aren't
the Whole Story

When you buy an MLP throwing off a 10% to 15% distribution, that's just the start of the fun. Plenty of MLPs have also grown their businesses impressively, creating huge capital gains.

Let's say you put $25,000 in Enterprise Products Partners at the start of 1999. By now, you'd be collecting $7,000 (and growing) in annual distributions on top of more than $124,700 of capital gains. Your total return, without even reinvesting your distributions and living off the income: 444% or 19.6% annualized.

Enterprise is by no means an isolated example. Plenty of other MLPs have grown their income streams even faster. In fact, the average U.S. MLP has boosted its payout at almost 8% during the past five years.

A well-run MLP can rival the growth pattern of a high-flying tech stock...

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, for example, was worth barely $130 million at its birth 15 years ago, and now has a market cap of $14.8 billion. When you consider this pipeline operator has returned 90% of its earnings to unit holders along the way, that's incredible growth.

Since its inception, Kinder Morgan has increased its cash distribution 19 times in a row—from $0.60 a unit to $2.15 now. And its unit price has risen from $5.75 to $25.84, for a 340% capital gain on top of the distributions.

There have been plenty of nice gains in the coal patch, too. The units of Natural Resource Partners have risen 268% since this lessor of Appalachian coal mines went public just over five years ago. That's 21.6% annualized per year!

Catching on Fast—and Attracting Some Bad Apples

In the mid-1990s, just a handful of MLPs traded on Wall Street. But these unique income-investing vehicles are multiplying like rabbits, and today, you can choose from 115 U.S. MLPs (at last count) with a combined market cap approaching $67 billion.

I love this asset class as a whole, but you'll find a wide mix of quality in that group. Some financial weaklings have converted themselves into partnerships to disguise their faults and hitch a ride on the MLP boom.

You don't want to own these “wannabe” partnerships... and to make sure you don't, all you need is MLP Profits.

Since there is no official clearinghouse of information on these little-followed securities, I had to dig hard just to find every publicly traded MLP. In fact, MLP Profits is the only publication that tracks down every one of these hard-to-find cash cows and covers them all in one convenient service.

My Favorite Picks Right Now

I cover all Master Limited Partnerships in MLP Profits—big and small... and in every business sector.

I've compiled a growing list of our absolute favorites—7 rock-solid partnerships with sustainable and growing dividend distributions—in a series of special reports that I'd like to send you free to get you off to a running start.

I sifted through every publicly traded MLP to find top-quality partnerships that own great assets with lots of cash flowing to their investors. While run-of-the mill partnerships pay about 8% or 9%, these jewels yield up to 14.1%. What's more, they are fattening their payouts up to 15% a year.

Their income streams are rock-solid, not the phony pumped-up payouts that attract so many misguided “yield junkies” who discover too late that their exorbitant yields are fool's bargains. Buy them now and they'll treat you to rising income and share prices for years to come.
Here's a peek at a few of the gems you'll find in your free reports:

The company's refined products pipelines carry petroleum products like gasoline and jet fuel for which volumes vary very little, even including during the recent recession. They're able to offset any decline in volumes there may be with higher tariffs, and they're seeing even stronger growth in their terminals segment, which has been able to raise fees dramatically on older contracts coming up for renewal. And terminals are generally seeing high demand for ancillary services such as mixing ethanol and other additives to gasoline.

They have strong growth projects, too, including tank facilities, a pipeline between their Texas terminal and a massive refinery, and acquisition of a refined products pipeline in Texas from oil giant ExxonMobil. These should enable management to meet its goal of a 10 percent distribution hike later this year. All of which are great reasons for you to own this company now.

Even better, the stock is paying investors a current yield of over 13% right now, which you can lock in if you buy today.

The company is a fast-growing producer of oil and natural gas from fields located in the mid-continent of the U.S. and California. Their focus is mature fields that have reliable geology and therefore predictable yields and costs. That's an ideal formula for paying distributions. Some of the company's fields in California, for example, have been in operation for close to a century.

They have about 1.7 trillion cubic feet of gas-equivalent reserves, with about half of the reserves being natural gas. Close to 70 percent are proved, developed reserves, about as certain as you can get in the energy business. They also have more than 4,000 potential locations for new wells on their existing plays to grow output when the time is right.

An Undiscovered Star

The MLP has some pretty substantial growth opportunities through a project with a capacity of 1.1 billion cubic feet per day that will transport gas out of one of the country's lowest-cost and highest potential natural gas plays. So large, in fact, that its projected reserves are five times the current largest U.S. field. The only problem is a lack of pipeline capacity, which this company is well positioned to provide and cash in on.

The company has one of the most attractive yields in the market—nearly 13%—that is generated from their solid and highly productive contracts. And with a new partnership with two financial heavyweights to back up their large projects, word of this undiscovered star is starting to leak out, which means share price could skyrocket.

Catch the Growth of MLPs Now!

Get in Now and Watch the Slow-Pokes Pile in Later

Beyond their tax advantage conferred by Congress, you have at least three “big picture” factors on your side if you invest in MLPs at this early stage today:


6 More Reasons to Love MLPs

1) Friendly regulators—MLPs benefit from benign federal oversight, encouraging management to innovate and cut costs. These savings are then passed on to you, the investor. This is far different from traditional utilities, where gains from efficiency and cost-cutting often must be “rebated” to the public in the form of lower rates.

2) Stable Earnings—Because they're fueled by locked-in demographic trends, MLPs offer far more predictable earnings than the broader market. Their earnings volatility is less than a third of the S&P 500's. That's because sales volumes are highly predictable over the long run, as they are a function of population growth.

3) Immunity to bear markets—When you buy into an MLP, you have the luxury of ignoring the big market indexes. Unless the managers are real boneheads, you'll keep getting those fat distribution checks every quarter—no matter what the economy does. After all, what other asset class can claim 78% of its index components raised distributions in the last year?

4) Diversification—Most stock sectors move in lockstep with the broader market. Not MLPs. Their returns are only weakly correlated with the stocks. And there is virtually zero correlation with bonds. Adding MLPs to your portfolio cuts risk while increasing total returns.

5) Payouts you can count on—Since a distribution cut would hurt a partnership's unit price, management is extremely prudent with its cash. They keep 5% to 20% more cash on hand than they need for their distribution.

Disciplined managers—Because they have to pay a big distribution out of their earnings every quarter, management is careful about their spending and construction projects. You won't find any of the showy and wasteful ego-driven moves so much of corporate America is guilty of.

How I Find the Best for You

To make sure I have the best of these cash cows working for you, I'll be doing the same kind of legwork that I've done for 20+ years of digging up income investments. In all that time, my income portfolios have had only two down years, and my returns are averaging 11.5 percent per year!

It all comes down to the reliability of a partnership's cash flow. And that means analyzing the internal workings of the business.

I want industry leaders with rising sales from their normal daily operations. And I make sure that margins aren't just solid but increasing. This means the more a company sells, the more it makes. It's hard for a company like that to get into trouble.

What You'll Get
When You Join Us

MLP Profits is a web-based advisory service that you can access the instant I release each monthly issue. You can then easily print out the issue from your computer if you wish.

You'll never have to wait for your issue by snail mail because as soon as I dot the last "i," I'll email you a link that takes you straight to the most recent article on my subscribers-only website.

In addition to your monthly issues, I will send you occasional “MLP Alerts” with unusually important breaking news. But please understand this is not a trading service. I'll never frantically email you and tell you to buy XYZ by noon. Thankfully, there's no need for anything that hectic.

Partnership investing is the most relaxing way to invest this side of T-bills. You can hold most of these steady growers for years. The only “fast action” you'll have is when I find a decent partnership that has stumbled on bad news, and I jump in to bag a quick turnaround profit.

Here's a peek at what you can expect from the MLP service:

Look at What Else You Get...

To welcome you as a new subscriber, and to get off to a running start, you'll also receive a package of special reports I've prepared especially for new partnership investors.

Here's a peek at the two you get with a one-year subscription:

Come on board for two years and you get these two additional reports:

Past Partnership Subscribers Save $200

A year of MLP Profits, which entitles you to 12 months of advice, complete with buy and sell signals, plus as-needed updates—emailed to you within minutes of my investing decisions—costs $697.

But I'm offering new subscribers the chance to subscribe for just $497 (with a 100% money-back guarantee, of course).

On a $100,000 portfolio, you can easily pocket $10,000 in distributions alone per year in these partnerships—and plenty more if you want to be aggressive. Is making six times the yield of the average stock—while reducing your risk—worth $1.09 a day?

Only you can answer that. But my guarantee makes the membership fee irrelevant. If MLP Profits isn't right for you, I'll send you every penny of your payment back. No fine print. Take a full 90 days to decide.

If you have any questions once you're on board, feel free to call or write. I will get back to you personally.

In fact, if MLP Profits isn't everything you expect, I want you to ask for your money back. That's what the guarantee is there for. But I'm not too worried about cancellations. I think that once you grow accustomed to that flood of checks in your mailbox, you'll want to subscribe forever.

A Comprehensive Service for Committed Income Investors

MLP Profits isn't for everyone. You will be part of an elite investment alliance—not a mass-circulation service. I want to make sure my service does what it's supposed to for you: take the guesswork out of choosing a high-growth, high-yield partnership without any hidden liabilities that could trip up a safety-first investor.

There are now 115 MLPs on the NYSE, NASDAQ and American Stock Exchange. If you jump blindly into this group, you're likely to run into a few nasty surprises. MLP Profits gives you a handful of the healthiest. Why roll the dice when you don't have to?

One parting thought: I know how rare it is to find an investment that treats you like an equal instead of a nuisance. And I'm convinced that you won't find any more customer-friendly investment than Master Limited Partnerships.

When those fat distribution checks come rolling in, you'll recoup your initial investment before you know it. At that point, every check is pure gravy. And any capital gain down the road is icing on the cake.

When you consider the stock market has historically returned 9.3% a year, beating that right out of the gate in distributions alone is nothing to sneeze at.

Why not see for yourself?


Roger Conrad
Editor, MLP Profits

P.S. Go ahead and try MLP Profits risk-FREE! That's right—sign up now and take the next 3 months—plus the special reports—while you decide if the service is right for you. If it's not, no problem. I'll return your entire payment—100%—and all the special reports you receive will be yours to keep.